Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Book Recommendation: Paralegal Success - Going from Good to Great in the New Century

In paralegal courses, you learn the law and how to apply it to your work. Everything else, from keeping your career goals fresh to navigating office politics to being the office superstar, is up to you. Paralegal Success: Going From Good to Great in the New Century, by Deborah Bogen, helps you keep your edge, not only at your current position, but in your career. From the paralegal student just starting a career to the veteran paralegal looking for a new challenge, Bogen covers all the bases.

Bogen explains the files every paralegal should keep and use for his or her own personal growth. She also details how to develop your own area of expertise and balance work and family life. Also included is the Successful Paralegal's Almanac, a year-long plan to stay on top of work, continuing education, and your career. Month by month, she lays out a plan that seems simple yet comprehensive.

This is a great book to keep in your personal library, and I highly recommend it. The tips never go out of style, and in this competitive job market, going from good to great can make a huge difference in your career.

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