Monday, March 5, 2007

LSUC Using Cash Reserves for Paralegal Regulation

The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) is using its cash reserves for paralegal regulation, to begin the intial startup process. The startup budget is designed to cover the costs of paralegal regulation through early 2008, when actual numbers of paralegal licenses are known and a budget outlining regular operating costs will be part of the LSUC's annual budget.

The first paralegal licenses will be granted in early 2008, and paralegals who are eligible can apply for grandparent status from May until October of this year. Grandparent status will be granted to those paralegals working for three out of the last five years. Transitional status will be considered for paralegals with relevant education or experience. Those who are not eligible under grandparent or transitional status will be considered under the permanent model, and will be eligible for licenses beginning in 2009. Paralegals wishing for licenses will be required to sit for an exam.

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