Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Myths and Facts About Paralegal Careers

The paralegal profession is growing at a rapid rate. However, even with the career's popularity, some mythology surrounds it. Associated Content's The Myths and Facts About Paralegal Careers lays out these myths and dispels them with facts. For example, most cases are not like Law & Order (but you're not just answering phones or pushing paperwork, either); paralegals need to know how to research statutes and cases (but don't need to know them verbatim); there is room for advancement as a paralegal.

Tragically, another myth is disspelled: you don't need a license to be a paralegal. With any luck, this will not be the case forever.


  1. Glad to receive your upfront insights. A great and close friend of mine has made a decision to redirect her career of 20yrs. in the accounting/finance sector and head back to school to become a paralegal. My belief is that it will be a wonderful profession for her due to her analytical nature and love of research. I think that there are many times people leap into career decisions without fully acknowledging the personality type that the position requires. We don't all want to be attorneys and battle it out in court or delicately balance the attorney/client relationships. There are fantastic people behind the scenes that are really making the case happen and I think the paralegal profession is a perfect showcase of this analogy. I will pass your link onto my friend - thanks again. From: Robin Ogden


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