Saturday, April 14, 2007

Listing Paralegals on Firm Web Sites

Over at The Estrin Report, Chere Estrin has some encouraging news for those lamenting the lack of recognition of paralegals and other law firm staff on their Web sites. Some firms are actually posting biographies of non-attorneys. Maybe the law firm culture of "Attorneys -- and Everybody Else" is finally changing? I can only imagine clients feeling a bit more comfortable knowing about the person who is working on their case or handling their money. Also, including the paralegals, support staff, and other law firm employees on the Web site is a morale booster. It's nice to be recognized!

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  1. I am in total agreement. Non-Attorneys need love, too!! That's the whole reason I created my E-Discovery In the Trenches blog. In fact, I rarely see blogrolls listing other non-attorney blogs. I am going to add you to mine for sure.

    Jerry Bui


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