Monday, April 30, 2007

Paralegal Receives Mixed Verdict

WAILUKU, Hawaii -- While Wailuki paralegal Kitty Atchley was aquitted of a charge of unauthorized practice of law, she was found guilty of two misdemeanor counts of unsworn falsification to authorities for documents she filed in court as part of a divorce case in 2005.

Atchley testified that she followed Kathleen Marten-Naidenko's instructions when she filled out and filed the forms for an uncontested divorce. She filed a document indicating that Marten-Naidenko's husband had been served with divorce papers in Kihei, even though the woman had told Atchley that he was in Russia. Atchley also continued filing documents even after Marten-Naidenko told her to stop, because Atchley believed that Marten-Naidenko was being abused.

Separate trials are scheduled for Atchley on two other charges of unauthorized practice of law dating to November and December 2004, with one trial scheduled to begin July 9.

According to the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center, Atchley was convicted of unauthorized practice of law in 2002.

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