Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Paralegals Are Considered "Temporary" Across the Pond?

The author of Legal Career Advice focuses on legal careers in the United Kingdom, and in this post, describes how to get a foot in the door at a law firm.

However, if you think paralegals are disrespected in the United States, you might be horrified to hear how they're viewed across the pond, according to this blogger:

English law firms tend to treat the paralegal position as a temporary one. It is unusual - and often a bit sad, really - if you are a paralegal for more than say, 18 months. Most paralegals do the job for 6-12 months only.

In America, 'career' paralegals are much more prevalent - the position is viewed as a career and not a temporary stop-gap. Accordingly, the London offices of US law firms will tend to pay better, but, then, you will probably work harder and more hours than in an English firm.

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