Saturday, April 7, 2007

So What Does a Paralegal Dress Like?

On Entertainment Weekly's Web site, stylist Miles Siggins is happy to discuss the latest fashion Dos and Don'ts on American Idol. For example:
Melinda, for example, is a brilliant singer, but sometimes I feel like she dresses like a paralegal.
The thing with Melinda is she doesn't have much of a neck at all. And what neck she does have disappears when she puts heavy things on her shoulders. The reason to put her in dresses is to give her a bit more of a shape. I thought Tuesday's dress was great. The hairdresser was going to get a bit carried away with big hair but I said, "This has to be sleek hair to go with a modern dress."

So what does a paralegal dress like, anyway? Not cool, Miles. We're not a bunch of walking fashion Don'ts in shoulder pads!

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