Friday, May 4, 2007

A More Productive Commute by iPod

Commuting is the bane of my current existence. While my commute is nowhere near the hour I used to spend on the commuter rail when I lived in the Boston area, and while it is certainly shorter than any Los Angeles-based commute I've ever had, it still is, in my mind, an hour of the day where I cannot be productive. My commute is too short for audio books, yet too long to just listen to the radio.

Ever since I got my Apple 4 GB iPod Nano, however, the commute has become a productive hour where I can learn about different areas of law from Legal Lad, hear columns on ways to Win at Work, and even learn to speak Italian. I've subscribed to several podcasts through Apple's iTunes software, which is necessary for transferring files to my iPod. iTunes automatically synchronizes new podcasts to my iPod, so each time I plug my iPod into my computer, my iPod is updated with new listening material. And with my TuneCast Auto Adapter, I can plug my iPod in and broadcast podcasts and music through my car's FM radio.

Podcasts can be enjoyed on almost any MP3 player, however. If you're looking for something to listen to during your commute, you can check out, a comprehensive directory of podcasts downloadable to MP3 players. Happy Commuting!

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