Thursday, May 31, 2007

Paralegal Job Satisfaction Up

Paralegal Employment Opportunities And Job Satisfaction, Paralegal Salaries on LawCrossing shows that, overall, paralegals are happy in their jobs. Using data taken from an NFPA survey, nearly half of those surveyed said their job satisfaction was high or very high. Only 10% rated their job satisfaction as low, and a mere 3% rated it very low.

Annual salaries ranged from $24,000 to upwards of $61,000, with the median being $33,000. Location does matter, though: a survey from Payscale, Inc. placed the median salary for paralegals in Los Angeles at $48,000.

Of course, as with everything, there is a caveat, what the schools don't tell you when you're perusing their glossy brochures:

Of course, a paralegal career isn't for everyone. The grind and stress of litigation, not to mention the long hours involved, cause some to change career paths. ...

In truth, some firms can be likened to sweatshops replete with screaming lawyers and trial preparation that often involves working late into the night and spending hours on tedious photocopying and coding, sometimes in dingy surroundings. Some people are just not suited to working in certain areas of the paralegal field, especially litigation.

However, if you handle stress well, opportunities abound, and not just in law firms and government organizations. Museums, universities, nonprofits, detective agencies, newspapers, and TV stations all utilize paralegals

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