Friday, May 11, 2007

Preparing to Survive a Dead-End Job

Written for associates,'s Preparing to Survive a Dead-End Job can easily apply to paralegals. Just replace "associate" with "paralegal," and you'll find yourself nodding in agreement. These tips are great for managing your career, even if you're very pleased with your current position. The article suggests building personal and business relationships, obtaining skills early, buiding your resume by teaching courses or giving seminars, participating in pro bono efforts, and writing articles. If we're serious about our careers, we should already be doing these things!

It is never too early to build one's credentials in preparation for promotion or job change. [Paralegals] should begin preparing themselves to seek new positions early on -- even if they don't want to change jobs right away. They will find that the best things they can do to prepare for new positions are the very same things that will help them make their present positions more secure.


  1. Hi there. I am thinking about going to school to be a paralegal. A few people that I've told about this said, "aren't you just a lawyer's bitch?" Is this true, are you bossed around a lot?

  2. Meridith, I'm not bossed around at all! It depends on the attorney, but most are decent human beings who will give you an assignment, step back, and let you complete it.

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