Friday, June 8, 2007

FileTrail Adds Mapping Technology to File Tracking

FileTrail Inc. has announced the addition of QuickMaps™ mapping to their Records Management products. QuickMaps allows staff to see where file folders are located on a floorplan of their office.

FileTrail developed the QuickMaps interactive mapping technology in response to customers who revealed that knowing who had the file did not always help. For example, in very large firms, not everyone knows where other people sit.

The maps show the physical location of a file, while a one-click-email link generates an email to the person holding the file, allowing a custom message to be entered before sending.

QuickMaps pinpoint the location of a specific file. A popup screen, over the person's desk, provides additional information including name, phone number, email address, and a list of what other files they also have. QuickMaps also works with a list of files - this functions like a graphical picklist, streamlining retrieval and delivery of files.

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