Monday, June 4, 2007

Man Charged With Posing as Lawyer Applies for Probation

STAMFORD, Conn. -- A paralegal accused of posing as a lawyer has applied for a probation program that would result in his record being erased.

Brian Valery, 32, faces charges of impersonating an attorney in Stamford and Brooklyn, N.Y., and could face similar charges in other districts. He duped the firm Anderson, Kill & Olick, where he had worked as a paralegal since 1996, by claiming he had passed the bar exam in 2004. He told his bosses that he had been attending law school at night.

A judge will decide on July 13 whether Valery deserves the chance to enter accelerated rehabilitation, a program reserved for first-time offenders who commit crimes that are not of a serious nature.

Participants stay on probation for two years and have their record wiped clean if they fulfill conditions imposed by a judge.

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