Thursday, June 7, 2007

NHC Paralegal Program Redesigned

North Harris College, an ABA-approved school, has reformatted some of its paralegal course offerings. Some of its courses will be offered online, and some courses will be compressed into fewer weeks.

While it's an honorable gesture to allow students to take more courses in less time, it seems that shorter courses compromise learning, a la the "paralegal mills" that churn out graduates in 12 weeks. However, NHC will offer these courses for three hours on a Friday night and three hours on a Saturday morning, which seems to be more of a "paralegal boot camp" that would cover the material with the same number of credit hours.

NHC has also added Advanced Legal Research and Writing and Rules of Civil Procedure to its curriculum.

Paralegal studies students are given a personal Westlaw password for each semester. North Harris College also instituted a chapter of LEX (Lambda Epsilon Chi), the national honor society for paralegals. Paralegal students with a 3.5 grade point average are eligible for this honor, which added to a résumé gives a program graduate an edge over other job applicants.

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