Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paralegal Billing from The Paralegal

The Paralegal is a new blawg by Ana Pierro of New Jersey. In Paralegal Billing, Ana describes the how, who, and why of keeping your time. Part of it is keeping accurate time; don't cut your time when you report it! It is the partner's responsibility to cut time, and seeing how long it takes on a task may prompt the partner to assign another paralegal to help, if it is a very time-consuming project. Also, be very descriptive with your time. It aids in billing and justifies the time you spent on the project.


  1. Does anyone have any really good time descriptions. With insurance companies continually limited the type of paralegal work they will pay for (transmittal letters, letters to Clerk of Court, calendaring, scheduling depositions, etc. etc. etc.) I find myself at a loss when creatively describing what I do.

  2. I wish someone would have answered your request. I'm working on my billing and I have the exact same problem. We still have to prepare the attorneys for hearing, depositions, conferences and trials; by doing so we prepare deposition notebooks; hearing notebooks, etc. As you know, this is perceived by the insurance companies as clerical, however, it's not very clerical when as a paralegal you have to determine and anticipate what documents your attorney will be using and needing; how can you creatively describe that? I hope someone answers that question....

  3. Someone told me about a book about writing bills, but couldn't remember the title. She did tell me that action verbs and details are key.

    This article in Solo might help, too:

  4. I'm sorry for not having answered your question. Please keep an eye out on my blog at I will address your questions in the next few weeks. It is a valid question, especially when you are working with corporate clients when the billing descriptions have to be very precise in order to merit the pay they are worth. Again, I am sorry for not having paid attention to your question earlier.

    Ana Pierro
    The Paralegal


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