Thursday, July 26, 2007

How to Improve Search Results: Advanced Google

The Internet can feel like a vast cyber-wasteland when you're looking for something specific and receive a bunch of generic, unhelpful search results. This article on discusses some advanced search techniques and how to determine the reliability of a Web site. (Don't let the title fool you; paralegals can definitely benefit from these tips!)

For example:
Google's advanced search feature, available by clicking Advanced Search next to the search box on Google's home page, allows fine-tuning of these results for more precision if the basic search returns too many irrelevant results.

Google can also search for specific terms in a Web site through its advanced search feature, as well as return more than the standard ten results per page.

Google also has several specialized databases (such as Google U.S. Government, allows the user to search through news articles on Google News, and has added a patent search.

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