Tuesday, July 3, 2007

InterLegis Releases DataMapper

InterLegis, Inc., a provider of web-based digital document management services, announced the release of DataMapper, a secure, browser-based, data preview module within Discovery360. The new DataMapper application allows legal teams to directly control the electronic data discovery (EDD) culling process in order to ensure only relevant documents are processed.

DataMapper provides legal teams time and cost savings by allowing them to reduce the document collection by testing "what-if" scenarios before committing to electronic discovery processing. DataMapper also performs the removal of duplicate documents prior to processing, further reducing costs.

Now within one product, legal teams can set their EDD strategy early, culling down large volumes of documents online using keywords, custodian, date ranges, concept folders and other metadata to discover potentially relevant and responsive documents. After the pre-processed data is culled, the integrated Discovery360 EDD processing module completes the processing of the electronic data, seamlessly delivering the native files within the Discovery360 review and repository module.

For more information, visit InterLegis at www.interlegis.com.

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