Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LawTunes Releases "The Lawtunes: Live At Blackacre"

Indie music label LawTunes ( has released its latest humorous, lawyer-created, law-related album, "The Lawtunes: Live At Blackacre." The CD contains ten original rock-and-roll tunes taking on the law, lawyers, and legal practice, including, "(She's An) Electronic Discovery," "Lawyers' Blood Is Typo," "Della Street," "LawMan," "Orderin' In," "Cadillac Cab," "Little Bluebook," "Livin' Life In Six Minutes," "Everywhere There Is A Client," and "Santa's G.C."

(And for those wondering, "Blackacre" is that legendary parcel of land referenced in so many legal treatises.)

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