Sunday, October 21, 2007

NFPA Convention 2007

I have just returned from the 2007 annual convention of the National Federation of Paralegal Associations as a delegate from the Western Massachusetts Paralegal Association, and it has been a wonderful experience. The best part of going to the convention, hands-down, is getting to meet a wide variety of paralegals working in a plethora of practice areas. The paralegals here are all enthusiastic and committed to advancing the profession, and that alone, that camaradarie, is worth the trip.

When the Navy Legalmen presented supporting associations with certificates, I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes, and I was not the only one. Melissa Adams, the president of the Navy Legalmen Association, said, "I felt very weak and did not know what was going to happen next. You gave us strength and courage more than you know." Adams had recently returned from Iraq.

The Registered Paralegals were invited to stand at the beginning of the policy meeting. At least one third of the room stood, and I was so proud of us for taking that extra step to become RPs. (RPs take note: you should be getting your RP cards from your association's delegates soon, and there's a little something extra for RPs that's coming out of the convention as well... stay tuned!)

On a slightly dorky and personal note, I couldn't help but feel very sentimental and a bit weepy during the slideshow featuring photos from conventions dating back to 1995, especially when my picture (accepting the West Group scholarship) flashed on the screen! I happily reflected how far I have come since then in my career, and at that moment, I was prouder than ever to be a paralegal, honored to be the Western Massachusetts Paralegal Association's Primary Representative, and thrilled to be a part of an association that is truly working to make a difference in the profession. I even got to chat with Jan Marko from West, who had presented me with my scholarship in 2003, and thank her yet again for the scholarship that helped me to achieve my goals.

Thank you to the Tampa Bay Paralegal Association for hosting, the NFPA Board for all its hard work, and all the attendees that made this such a great experience!

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