Saturday, November 24, 2007

American Health Lawyers Association Offers Paralegal Membership

The American Health Lawyers Association's (AHLA) Board of Directors recently approved the establishment of an electronic membership category for paralegals. If you are employed full-time as a paralegal, you are eligible to apply for and receive this electronic membership – for just $75 – when you are sponsored by an AHLA member or attorney.

Special Offer

In addition, a paralegal can join AHLA for a year for just $75 or—for a limited time—he/she can also register for the Fundamentals of Health Law program at the same time. When the paralegal does both, he/she receives a bonus! For just $450, the paralegal will receive a year's membership and be registered for the Fundamentals of Health Law program, which is being held on December 2-4, 2007 in Chicago, IL.

The Fundamentals of Health Law Program

The program provides a solid foundation in health law for the paralegal. Paralegals attending the program will benefit from the education received on an array of health law topics, including key legal issues on tax and finance, antitrust, patient care and liability, corporate compliance, false claims, labor and employment, medical staff organization and credentialing, Medicare, Medicaid, physician issues, and managed care. The program’s expert faculty will not only share their expertise on health law but will provide their insight into the challenges ahead in health law. From the opening reception, to a luncheon and presentation on using the Association's resources, the program includes plenty of time for the new paralegal member to network too.

The Benefits of Membership in the American Health Lawyers Association

As an AHLA member, a paralegal is able to retrieve resources and information on a content rich website to aid in writing and research efforts; browse through publications, and other legal resources in the AHLA Bookstore; and build relationships with other paralegals, as well as academicians, health lawyers, in-house counsel, government attorneys, and healthcare executives.

Paralegal members also receive the following:

  • Health and Life Sciences Law Daily, a customized digest service written by Bulletin News, an affiliate of U.S. News and World Report. It provides summaries of the most important health and legal news culled from all of the major media outlets in the country – delivered to your email inbox each day;
  • Health Lawyers Weekly, a comprehensive, online news and analysis service providing in-depth reporting on the latest developments affecting health law. In addition, access is provided to the Health Law Digest, a powerful research tool that provides synopses of current state and federal court decisions in health law (you will be able to browse each issue by topic and subtopic or print out the full issue to read at your leisure); and the
  • Health Lawyers News offering monthly features, substantive analysis, and regular columns written by legal and industry experts.

Paralegals may subscribe to one or more of the Association’s listservs (online email discussion forums) devoted to a variety of health law topics. Members subscribe online and have the option of either receiving individual emails whenever there is a posting on the listserv or receiving a digest version of the discussions for the day. Members are able to access archives of all the listserv discussions in the Members-only section of the website.

Paralegal members are also given an opportunity to gain electronic access to all of AHLA’s fifteen Practice Groups for a nominal fee. This 'PG16' option provides Paralegals with the opportunity to network with other paralegals and health lawyers from across the country; receive email alerts and briefings; receive special discounts when registering for PG-sponsored teleconferences or when purchasing PG publications; and to access the websites for all of the Practice Groups.


Call AHLA’s Member Service Center at (202) 833-0766 to join and register for the program – or use the encrypted forms located online at the Association's website at

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