Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bates-Stamping Documents the Easy Way

The thought of Bates-stamping a five foot-high stack of documents by hand (and yes, if you stacked all the boxes of documents in some cases vertically, I'm sure they would easily reach five feet) sounds hideously unproductive. Reading this article on Planet PDF - Bates-Stamping documents the easy way - offers some interesting food for thought. By using a scanner and Acrobat 8.0, I could scan those documents, OCR them, then electronically Bates-stamp them, thus bringing the tedium factor to a manageable few hours. As a bonus, the documents could then be burned to CD-ROMs and forwarded to opposing counsel that way. Instead of shipping five bankers' boxes, five CD-ROMS would go out by Federal Express.

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  1. My hand hurts just thinking of hand stamping a stack that high! We've all been there at one time or another. Well if your my age that is. LOL.

    You've got to love technology. Thanks for sharing this. It's important we keep reminding the legal community about OCR.

    PS: Great Blog!!


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