Thursday, November 29, 2007

Judge Orders Production of Paralegal's Notes

MARSHALL, Texas -- U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis ordered defendant Time Warner to produce a flowchart created by its paralegals in order to identify further parties to the litigation.

In an effort to identify proper parties and address liability issues, Judge Davis granted the plaintiffs' request for production of defendants' partnership agreements and a flowchart developed by Time Warner's paralegal on Nov. 20. Defendants argued the documents are irrelevant as the proper parties are named. Although granting the plaintiffs' request, the judge denied the plaintiffs' request for sanctions against the defendants.

I'm not sure what this means for paralegal work product, although it seems ominous. Would the plaintiffs be granted access to an attorney's notes? Probably not.


  1. Certainly not,
    I am baffled that why can't a parelegal's notes made during emoployment with an attorney will also constitue a part of Attorney -client privilege.

    Thanks for the Blog.

  2. I mean atleast such notes will be protected under Attroney Work Product doctrine.


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