Sunday, November 4, 2007

Law Firms Hiring More Paralegals

In this article from the East Bay Business Times, author Greg Hayman notes a fantastic trend: law firms are hiring more paralegals to cut costs and train new associates.

Attorneys and paralegals say the trend results not just from paralegals gaining trust and respect from firm leaders, but also from the reduced costs that can be passed on to clients.

Compare this to McDermott, Will & Emery's new class of lower-paid associates to handle lower-end tasks at lower billing rates. A partner in the L.A. trial group says it will help bring the best quality service at the lowest price to their clients. These associates will participate in document review. However, a well-trained paralegal can do the same thing, at an even lower cost to clients.

By utilizing paralegals, as they are in Alabama, not only are law firms keeping costs in control, they are also retaining full control of documents, as opposed to outsourcing the document review process. It's a win-win trend in Alabama, and with any luck, firms around the country will follow their lead.

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