Thursday, November 8, 2007

Midlo Hip Hop Artist Goes Back To Roots

Corey Fauconier moved to Richmond, Virginia in 2002 to find independence in both a spiritual and lyrical sense. Through his work as a paralegal for a not-for-profit legal entity in lower Manhattan, he gradually made inroads into the world of music. When a friend named Carl Jackman ran into problems with party promotions, he turned to Fauconier for contract help. The job eventually drew Fauconier into the world of promotion, and from there, he gravitated to other roles.

In late 1999, he started working with Jackman’s group 99 % Entertainment. Though content with the dual role of paralegal by day and independent musical artist in his spare time, world events led Fauconier to consider a lifestyle change.

After his move to Virginia in 2002, he founded Shakara Entertainment in August of 2005 to showcase independent artists.

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