Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pinpoint Labs Releases Safecopy 2.0

Pinpoint Labs, a litigation support and forensics software development company, has announced the availability of Safecopy 2.0, a utility which enables users to copy files without altering file time stamps and any other metadata inherent in the files.

New features include:

-Multiple Directory Selection: Provides an easy-to-use interface allowing for easy directory (custodian data sources) selection within Windows Explorer. It also supports drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer.

-File Hashing: When copying files, SafeCopy 2.0 retains the crucial metadata. To ensure copies made with SafeCopy 2.0 are identical to the originals, the user can calculate the MD5 hash values of the source files and destination files.

-Chain of Custody Log File: Provides a chain of custody log file which proves the copies made are forensically sound. This log file contains important information such as the date and time the copies were made and the MD5 hash values calculated in the source and destination files.

-Error Reporting and Resuming: SafeCopy 2.0 immediately notifies users of incomplete file copies and can resume a job that has been cancelled or aborted.

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