Thursday, December 6, 2007

Paralegal Runs Legal Clinic

REDLANDS, Calif. -- Paralegal Carmen Barney runs the Redlands YMCA's Legal Aid Clinic. As the clinic's Director, she provides legal assistance at a fraction of the cost of an attorney for hire to whoever requires her services.

Barney, a twenty-year paralegal, took over the legal aid clinic in 1999. All of the legal advice dispensed at the clinic is from volunteer attorneys.

The clinic is funded through the YMCA and the United Way. Donations also find their way to the clinic, where Barney and her two assistants work tirelessly, serving the 200 to 300 clients who come into use the clinic's services.

Barney said that most of her clients come seeking legal advice dealing with family law: divorces, child custody cases, guardianships and the like.

The clinic allows clients to relate their legal problems to Barney and her assistants, who make efforts to keep them calm in a time that can be stressful.

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