Friday, June 13, 2008

Tech Bits & Bytes: Engaging the Jury

Here is another Tech Bit & Byte for you from S. Kristine Farmer, RP. Kristine is NFPA's Immediate Past President & Board Advisor. Kristine is also returning to the NFPA Tech Institute as a speaker!

Effective use of technology allows you to teach the jury the facts they need to know in a visually attractive manner. But, the time investment to prepare the images and videos necessary to create those visually attractive presentations can be time consuming. Early preparation pays dividends, and it begins long before the first day of trial. In fact, it begins at the "anticipation of litigation" and involves early organization of witnesses and documents, and early involvement of your Litigation Support Department or litigation support vendor.

Do you want to know which Technology to use? Attend the NFPA Tech Institute on July 25 & 26 in Aurora, Colorado and find out!

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