Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Degrees Now More Important Than Ever, Study Says

According to a recent morefocus, Inc. survey, over 76% of job seekers believe that they need a higher level of education to succeed in their job search. In the group that currently have no university or community college credits, 92% reported that they considered their level of education to be their major disadvantage. This contrasted with 84% of those with three or four years of college who felt that they were losing out to competitive applicants with a master's degree.

The short-form online education survey was conducted over a six week period spanning the peak end-of-semester job hunting season. As part of morefocus's health and lifestyle research, the sample was targeted at visitors to a broad network of websites focused on healthcare, leisure, education, and work.

As to the education intentions of those respondents currently in work, 42.2% of the sample answered 'likely' or 'definitely' to the question, "How likely is it that you will consider part-time college while continuing to work?" Of this group, 73.1% expressed a preference for an online degree course, with 15.8% considering a campus-based program and the balance not decided. Of those seeking work, a significant minority cited cost as the primary barrier, with the majority of this group expressing an intention to advance their education once they were employed.

The research was conducted by morefocus for EDU Full results from the survey will be available from Education and Employment Survey, together with an opportunity to contribute to the follow-up research project.

In addition, two preliminary short-form educational surveys are in progress, one in Criminal Justice Education, and the other in Business Degrees and Education. Panels will be built from respondents to these preliminary questionnaires for the detailed research project due to run in the fall.

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