Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Security School: E-discovery and Security in the Enterprise

For those looking for information on how the IT department looks at e-discovery, check out SearchSecurity.com's Security School: E-discovery and security in the enterprise. Comprised of a webcast, podcast, tip, and quiz, this Security School is a great way to learn how the corporate IT department is preparing for litigation, and to learn the questions to ask the IT department when preparing for e-discovery.

(Disclosure: My husband is the site editor for SearchSecurity.com.)


  1. Christine:
    E-discovery reflects the natural collision of technology and legal practice. As an enterprise creates an ever-growing mountain of records, adversaries of course want access to it. Knowing that litigation and e-discovery are inevitable, an enterprise can use technology proactively to make records more benign. What do you think? --Ben http://hack-igations.blogspot.com/2008/05/nix-smoking-gun-e-discovery.html

  2. I think it sounds suspiciously unethical, honestly.


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