Monday, August 11, 2008

Paralegal Pay for, um, not Paralegal Work

Here's another argument for paralegal regulation: Alabama Attorney General Troy King promoted a political appointee who serves as his spokesman and chief of staff to one of the agency's five paralegal jobs -- at a salary of $104,000. Of course, this political appointee has NO paralegal training, and Alabama state law doesn't require AG paralegals to actually be paralegals.

So basically, someone who does have paralegal training and needs a job has been squeezed out of a perfectly good (and fantastically paying -- how nice would it be if $104K was the standard paralegal pay?) job for a political appointee with no training. If regulation were in place, this would just not happen. State law would require that paralegals in the AG's office would need to be actual paralegals with the appropriate training and licensure.


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