Friday, September 26, 2008

From Paralegal to Hip Tranquil Chick

In her 20s, Kimberly Wilson took up yoga to handle the stress from her job as a paralegal. The harmony, health, and balance of yoga propelled her to open her own yoga studio in her living room, shortly after she took a new job running the paralegal program at Georgetown University.

This small practice, graced with Wilson's extra touches - tea, cookies, aromatherapy, and inspirational readings - blossomed into ten classes per week on top of her 40-hour workweek. After two weeks at a yoga instructor training course, she quit her job.

Meanwhile, as an alert and budding entrepreneur, Miss Wilson observed hordes of young professionals living in the District who, like her, were working themselves to death and yearning for a sense of community. Creatively meeting this need, she envisioned a warm and thriving yoga studio that would heal stressed-out bodies while nurturing lonely souls. Embedded in that vision was a sense of adventure and a new life for her, draped with her own style and flair.


Today, Miss Wilson leads a hip yoga enterprise called Tranquil Space in the metro [Washington, D.C.] area, with studios in Dupont Circle, Arlington and Bethesda that serve more than 1,200 people each week. She recently outgrew her Dupont location and built out a new eco-friendly studio that spans three floors, including a new showroom for the TranquiliT "eco-luxe lifestyle" clothing line she designs and a spa.

She runs the business and its spinoff nonprofit, the Tranquil Space Foundation, which focuses on empowering young women, and has written a book, "Hip Tranquil Chick: A Guide to Life on and off the Yoga Mat." Besides all that, she gets to do what she loves every day: build a community of people who share similar passions and values, and help them find renewal amid their otherwise frenetic lives. Miss Wilson is writing another book — "Tranquilista: A Girl-on-the-Go's Guide to a Mindfully Extravagant Life" — and does a column, blog and podcast on the yoga lifestyle.

(Source: Washington Times)

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