Thursday, September 4, 2008

inData Corporation Releases DepoView DVD

inData Corporation, the developer of TrialDirector® software, has released a new product called DepoView® DVD. DepoView DVD allows attorneys, paralegals, and other litigation professionals to view video depositions and associated transcripts on a standard DVD player or computer.

Utilizing patent-pending technology, DepoView DVD is the only product that displays the transcript in addition to video footage on DVD, which enables litigation professionals to review transcripts on a television when a computer isn't readily available. When played on a standard DVD player, DepoView DVD provides three options: (1) review the video deposition; (2) read the entire transcript, or (3) jump directly to a selected page in the transcript or video.

DepoView DVD supports MPEG-1 and MPEG-2/VOB video files, the choice of which is at the user's discretion. A user can import the video files from a DepoView DVD to other litigation support applications, such as inData TrialDirector®, CT Summation®, and LiveNote®.

Each DepoView DVD comes with a complimentary download of DepoView software for viewing and editing the video on a computer. Using DepoView software, legal professionals can search for keywords in the transcript, create video clips for trial, print condensed transcripts, and send selected segments to Microsoft PowerPoint.

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