Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making September Count

Welcome to September. I haven't been in school for years, but there is something about September that makes me want to clean up my desk, sharpen my pencils, and start jotting in a notebook.

At work, the end of vacation and the beginning, once again, of routine schedules brings excitement. My workload will be filled with more substantive assignments. I'll be examining ways in which I can be more efficient, more productive, more valuable to my firm.

September is also a great month to do a goal check. How am I progressing? What areas could use improvement? Certainly, it ties into my current position, but it also applies to my long-term goals. I'll head into the winter with a target in mind, whether it's the type of assignments I receive, the hours I bill, or the way in which I complete assignments.

And to satisfy my yen for learning, I'll take a (free) online language course at Livemocha.com, which features reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises.

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