Monday, September 29, 2008

Paralegal Touted for County Treasurer

In Pittsylvania County, Virginia, M.K. "Kate" Berger is one of the candidates for County Treasurer, and she's getting a hearty thumbs-up from a county resident.

The first thing cited in the opinion piece is Berger's paralegal experience:

[Berger] has a general practice paralegal certificate from the Paralegal Institute of Silver Springs, Md. This has assisted her in successfully operating her own paralegal service company since 1987. She has acquired a broad knowledge of federal and state tax laws, as well as experience in understanding and interpretation of those laws through her paralegal services with numerous legal firms in Pittsylvania County and Danville.

It is heartening to see paralegal skills touted as a reason to elect someone to a position of such high responsibility. The knowledge and skills gained from being a paralegal extend far outside the law office.


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