Thursday, September 11, 2008

Preparation Key to Making Yourself Recession-Proof

"Recession" is an ugly word, but it's a word that has become part of our daily vocabulary. With "recession" comes an even uglier word, "layoff." It can happen to anyone, no matter how hard-working.

While no one is truly "recession-proof," here are some tips to become "recession resistant":

1. Be informed. Watch what is going on in your department. Is there tension? Have there been layoffs or a lack of new hires? Are expenditures being cut? Staying on top of these indicators is important in order to assess the health of your firm, and in turn, your position.

2. Make yourself invaluable. Take on assignments from other attorneys in your department or even outside your department, if work is slow. Let the powers that be know that you are ready, willing, and able to tackle that next challenge. Partners especially like to know that they are getting the best value for their dollar in a versatile paralegal.

3. Know where you stand. Take a long, hard look at those performance reviews. If there is something that needs improvement, now is the time to do it.

4. Make sure your work product is the highest quality and that you can stay on top of deadlines. Be flexible, be the go-to person, and take advantage of any opportunity to strengthen your skills.

(Source: Career Center)

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