Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sending Large Electronic Files With Ease

Corporate firewalls and e-mail safeguards can make sending large electronic files, such as audio and video files, next to impossible. Often, the e-mail will bounce back to you, and you're left burning the file to CD and shipping it via FedEx in order to meet a deadline.

Fortunately, YouSendIt has a solution: upload your file to their servers, and e-mail the link to the recipient. They have a tracking feature to let you know who was accessing your file, and they are HIPAA compliant. With a Pro account, you get 40GB of download bandwidth per month. You can also control when the file is no longer available for download. The Pro account also features a drop box where clients, vendors, or others can upload files to send to you, and it doesn't require your recipients to register to download their files.

And for now, you can get a FREE Trial Offer. Send, Receive and Track digital files up to 2 GB each. TRY IT NOW!

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