Wednesday, October 29, 2008

InterLegis Announces Native File Redaction Capability for Web-based Review

Dallas-based InterLegis, Inc. has introduced a native file redacting capability. Discovery360™, InterLegis’ e-discovery culling and review application, now allows users to redact files in their native format to save time and simplify the document review process.

The ability to perform native file review has been available for some time, but one disadvantage often cited with this method has been the inability to redact native files. Some of today’s most sophisticated review tools do offer workarounds for redacting native files, but these typically involve the added cumbersome step of pausing in the middle of a review to convert the native file to a tiff image, which can then be redacted. This interrupts the steady flow of the review process and still leaves open the risk of inadvertently producing the native, unredacted file.

However, Discovery360 users can now redact native files on the fly, without converting the file to a tiff image in the middle of the review process.

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