Monday, December 15, 2008

Associates Vie for Paralegal Tasks

Associates are feeling the economic crunch in the form of their billable hours, and without enough work to do, more associates are vying for tasks traditionally done by paralegals. Not only are they volunteering for document reviews and deposition digests, but in some cases, these associates are forced to do paralegal work as their firms lay off staff.

That's right, the paralegals who can keep costs down (a sound move in a shaky economy) are finding themselves out of work, and their jobs are being done by associates. In a situation like this, the best thing a paralegal can do is to take on those tasks him/herself. Most career books advise readers to find something that makes them indispensable, and being able to perform a document review or digest depositions in less time and for less money than an association is an indispensable value to the firm.

(Source: ABA Journal - Law News Now)

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