Thursday, January 15, 2009

Legal Secretaries Find Paralegal Doors Shut

In this economy, it's very tempting to take a legal secretary position after being laid off, in hopes of being promoted to a paralegal position in the same firm.


Most firms would rather lose their top employees than allow them to reach their potential, probably because said top employees are just too good at their current jobs, or because most lawyers don't want to interview and train replacements. That's right; the reward for excelling at your job in a law firm is stagnancy.

It's a lead ceiling, according to The Assistant at Law. That lead ceiling rarely cracks, and when it does, it has nothing to do with talent.

Promotions, we learn, are achieved only through coercion, pity or medical necessity. Qualifications don't enter into it.

It's a sad statement when initiative, intelligence, and qualifications are rewarded with nothing but a verbal pat on the head.


  1. That is what I am finding at my firm. I am ready for a career change soon.

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