Sunday, January 4, 2009

License Commission Paralegal Recognized

It's always nice to see a paralegal recognized for doing a good job:

The 12 pages listed details about nearly 200 bars, restaurants, package stores and other establishments seeking liquor license renewals from the Springfield License Commission on Monday.

For each license-holder, listings showed the owner's name and the name under which the establishment does business - for example, "Karjak Inc." is the owner of "Alumni Club."

Additional details for each establishment included the type of license, manager's name, street address, whether taxes were paid and problems why a renewal application was lacking.

The commission gave a round of applause at City Hall to Andrea L. Stone, the License Commission's paralegal, for compiling the list.

"Thank you, Andrea, for putting together a neat and orderly package," Chairman Peter L. Sygnator said.


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