Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peak Discovery Releases Upgrade to Peak Review Metrics

Peak Discovery, Inc. has released an enhanced upgrade to its proprietary software, Peak Review Metrics. Peak Review Metrics measures and reports on essential data in the document review process through extracting data from the document review system and combining it with time and billing information to generate metrics for individual reviewers and the group. It is available for free on suitable projects staffed through Peak Discovery.

The upgrade enhancements made to Peak Review Metrics allow attorneys and litigation teams access to proprietary software which provides accuracy and productivity insight into the document review process. Peak Review Metrics acts as a dashboard to provide multiple reporting functions to track individual and group metrics. Since it is adaptable to almost any document review platform, it provides a historical perspective, quickens decision making, improves productivity and gives law firms and corporate legal departments cost control and real-time metrics. With Peak Review Metrics, reviewer performance, project management, quality control and project duration can all be observed and controlled resulting in large time and cost savings.

Peak Review Metrics automated reporting function saves time and reduces overhead. There are many standard reports available and additional reports can be created based on a combination of metrics. Some of the reports included are: a Reviewer Metrics Report, which views accuracy and performance metrics for each individual reviewer; Activity Metrics Report, which tracks the speed, performance and accuracy based on details; Tag Metrics Report, which identifies tags by reviewer, time and bates range; Source Metrics Report, which tracks the chain of custody; and a Project Cost Report, which breaks down the cost by task, reviewer, hourly rate and total hours.

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