Sunday, February 1, 2009

Courts Utilizing Newest Gadgets

Technology is everywhere, and it is pervading every courtroom. In Mobile County, Alabama, a Federal grant has enabled information to be displayed to the jury at the flip of a switch.

"We finally went from the 20th century to the 21st century," said Presiding Circuit Judge Charles Graddick. ...

Graddick said it would behoove lawyers — old hands and rookies alike — to learn to wield the high-tech toys with proficiency. "If I can figure it out, anybody can," the judge said.

Images and sound clarity have been greatly improved by the equipment purchased with the grant.

(Source: Press-Register)

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  1. I recently received a portion of a transcript of a California superior court hearing recently, which provided rare insight into the frustration court staff face when electronic service is unavailable. During a case management hearing in a substantial reinsurance matter this state court judge expressed concern over the anticipated volume of documentary evidence. The judge counseled the parties to use e-service in this particular case, stating “The earlier you get it set up, the earlier you (will) have a complete record on there. And that is why the federal system is great. We will not get there in our lifetime.”

    Although the federal CM/ECF system is not a perfect model, the gist of the judge’s comments reveal the frustration of court personnel who are burdened with a traditional, paper-based case-management environment.

    Fortunately for this judge and her departmental staff, File & Serve is able to provide this particular bench with free access to the e-served documents in this case. While court personnel will still be mired in traditionally filed documents, the evidentiary documentation will be available to them electronically.


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