Thursday, February 19, 2009

Radical Employment Law Changes Will Create Lots of Work for Attorneys, Paralegals

Here's another great specialty that may be booming soon: employment law. With the plethora of proposed legislation, including the employee free choice act (EFCA), a new, pro-union president, and the economy, new employment litigation is bound to increase. Add in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the brand-new Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and it's a recipe for employment security, if you're an employment law paralegal.

(Source: The National Law Journal)

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  1. As a paralegal who works for one of the few firms in our state who represents workers, not management, I agree that we are seeing a higher number of employment intake calls due to the current economy and changes in state and federallabor laws. While it is hard to work in one of the legal specialties which are booming due to others' current misfortunes, including bankruptcy and foreclosure, it is good to be in a position to help people experiencing some of the most difficult periods in their lives.


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