Friday, July 10, 2009

Paralegal Careers Touted in Military, Lottery

Could being a paralegal be like winning your own personal lottery? I've been saying that for years, but if you work for the Arkansas Lottery Commission, you will cash in. A lottery paralegal makes $53,109 per year, while a paralegal for the Judicial Disability and Discipline Commission will make $34,324. (Source: Arkansas Times)

Meanwhile, Forbes has compiled a list of government jobs to apply to:

JobLocationSalary Range
Contract SpecialistCalifornia, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado$56,411 to $94,200
Wage and Hour InvestigatorSan Jose, Calif.$55,015 to $71,520
Paralegal SpecialistLong Beach, Calif.$51,805 to $97,658


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